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KSK Structure

KSK Chairman

Skúli Þ. Skúlason

In 1935 the Workers and Seamen Union in Keflavík established a consumer cooperative, in 1945 a new cooperative was established and called Kaupfélag Suðurnesja (KSK). The first grocery store was opened in Keflavík in 1946. Several additional grocery stores were opened, and the cooperative also branched out in other fields, such as fishery, slaughtering and meat processing, baking and stores that sold building and fishing supplies and carpentand household appliances, and even a bank.

In 1998, a general meeting voted to establish a limited company, Samkaup Ltd. which took over all the retail business but KSK continued as the owner of the estate.   Samkaup also merged with some local cooperatives. Today Samkaup has 47 stores around Iceland.

Kaupfélag Suðurnesja (KSK) also ownes a realestate company with 30 thousand square meters of retail, industrial and office space around the country.

KSK member/owners are 5.700. Today 31.000 ( population of Iceland is 340.000) Icelanders are member/owners of cooperatives and KSK has through Samkaup partnership with them all.

Iceland is a 102.800 square km island. The country has many geothermal areas. Hot water and steam from the ground is used to heat up buildings and for electricity production. The area of our language is Icelandic, a Scandinavian language, fishing has been our main export but tourism is a fast growing sector.

Strategic and operational plan 2013-2018